The Whitborough Novels

A supernatural horror comedy murder mystery book series based in North Yorkshire, England.

“I always thought that there must be an audience for a really good comedy-drama, set in a provincial English seaside town, this is the inspiration for creating Whitborough on Sea where the books are based. I wanted to create a treasure hunt into which I could bring the widest possible mix of people from all sorts of backgrounds and occupations to make it as interesting for me and the audience. The humour is deliberately ‘old school’ English comedy, and being a huge fan of the old Ealing comedies, Dads Army, Fawlty Towers, Phoenix Nights, Only Fools and Horses and the League of Gentlemen, these were very much in the back of my mind when I wrote Treasure Trove.”

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Treasure Trove

Mystery City

Witches Brew

Wyck'd You

Last Rites